Chevron Industrial is a leading manufacturer of premium base oils and prominent supplier of finished lubricants. On the company’s website, they share information about the development of breakthrough technologies that help customers reduce total cost of operation while improving the life of equipment. Yet the site itself was also in need of some breakthrough technologies, and that’s where we came in.

The site was getting a bit squeaky.

The site was getting a bit squeaky.

Chevron’s Industrial website had reached a point where usability and storage became a crucial issue. As a primarily educational site the company uses to impart their latest innovations regarding research and products, it needed to evolve into a more user-friendly interface. Just as important, the site maintained too many templates and components – thus eating up their Adobe Experience Manager (AEM) storage space. 3|SHARE, armed with a full tank of gas, was geared up for the challenge.

AEM Sites solution

There was nothing common about this AEM Sites solution, only its name.

We crafted a highly strategic solution, aptly named “Chevron Commons”. This is a common set of templates that can be leveraged for all Chevron sites – with this Industrial site being the first platform to utilize it. This means that the back end and functionality of components and templates remain “common”, and just the display layer changes per site. This AEM Sites solution, given the fact that it was an original approach, presented some interesting issues to work through, but working through issues is what 3|SHARE does best.

Chevron got a lot of mileage out of it.


The Chevron Commons solution was borne out of placing team members on projects specifically matching their skills. For this endeavor, we ensured that our lead folks were markedly proficient in front end development and HTML skills. So, while this solution delivered what the company needed in terms of exponentially enhancing the Industrial site’s AEM capacity and flexibility, this success made future projects extremely easier. We went on to execute Chevron AEM upgrades as well as a DAM implementation, becoming Chevron’s #1 AEM partner. They trusted us to try something totally new, and we came through with flying colors...earning their trust and confidence.

"Through the Chevron Common's strategy, the number of components that need to be maintained has been reduced by 15% with each release of a legacy site. By the end of 2018 the number of components to maintain overall will be reduced from 150 to about 50."
Kristin Jones
Managing Partner