Some people make videos of their kids. But do these kids deliver Adobe insights? Not usually.

3x3 Live

3x3 LIVE is an ongoing series of events where we share valuable insights we’ve learned from our tremendous clients. Hate being left out, you say? Well, join our mailing list to be notified of upcoming webinars and live Q&A sessions with our experts. We also create quick tutorials when we uncover cool AEM tips. Check back often for new content and watch our videos before we enter them into acclaimed film festivals, worldwide.

Taking Adobe Experience Manager to the Next Level for Johns Manville

In this webinar, Johns Manville joined us to discuss topics related to how they are maximizing AEM including: upgrading from AEM 5.6.1 to 6.3, refactoring for latest UI patterns, improving keyword search, utilizing mobile applications, and training internal developers.

50+ sites in 12 months for The Wonderful Company

Learn about project approval workflows, asset structure, asset share, and centralizing content authoring into one CMS for this global brand. 50 minute recording, or read our blog post inspired by this event.

The Ingersoll Rand 60-Day Dealer Experience Transformation

Using our SWIFT methodology we turned an issue-laden legacy dealer site into a beautiful user experience portal - fast and with no surprises. (30 minutes)

Ask the AEM Expert

ContextHub, JCR Segment Issues, and Touch UI - just a few of the topics submitted by AEM users during our live Q&A session. 30 minute recording, or you can read the blog post from this event.

SWIFT for Adobe Assets

Learn how ASICS, a leading global athletic equipment company, ran faster by implementing a high-performance DAM platform & workflows. (1 hour, 14 minutes)

How to Blow Up your AEM Project in 5 Easy Steps

Explore some of the ways companies can lay the foundation for unavoidable failure in their deployment of AEM. 40 minute recording, or read the transcription. 

AEM Project & Content Approval Workflow

A clip that guides you through a custom project and content approval workflow in AEM. (2 minutes)


The 3|SHARE Team is working on more Webinars. Meanwhile, learn more about us in this quick intro video and subscribe to your YouTube channel !