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At 3|SHARE, each member of the team plays an important role in meeting our clients' needs.

We are fearless when it comes to AEM and want to chat with you if you're fearless too.


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Want to introduce yourself to 3|SHARE but don't see the job for you? Do you meet some of the requirements of a job but have doubts? We still want to hear from you. Please submit your CV or resume and write us a note. 

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We want to hear from you. Tell us more about yourself and send over your CV or resume. We'll be in touch!


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Choose Your Location

We have been a remote company since we were founded in 2011. We have employees currently working in 11 countries and countless time zones! We are truly the remote work experts!

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Work with the Best

We have a reputation with our clients for being best in class which is why we look for both the best fit and skillset. If you’re a part of the team at 3|SHARE, you know you’re working with colleagues who are the best.

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Flexible Time

We understand your time and life outside of work is important to you, and we understand flexible hours. If you would rather work outside 9-5, perhaps 10-6 or some other time, we will work with you.


Keep Learning

We believe education and development are crucial to job success and personal fulfillment. That’s why we implemented our training program. All team members have the opportunity to take courses and access our internal training program.

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Annual Trip

Once a year we like to meet and/or get reacquainted with each other in one location to celebrate our work together.


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