Your servers are the
heartbeat of your organization

Whether you're on-prem or on the cloud,

you need your systems up and running 24x7.


 3|SHARE's Remote Operations Management (ROM) provides system monitoring, maintenance, and recommendations to maintain a cost-effective, fully operational infrastructure. We'll even help you put those recommendations in place.


3|SHARE is AWS Certified

AWS Certified

When it comes to your IT infrastructure, you only want to entrust it to experts. Our entire ROM team is AWS certified. We are also a Platinum Adobe Solutions Partner, so we know AEM too.


24/7 Monitoring

Your systems need to work even when you're asleep. Rest easy knowing that the 3|SHARE managed services team is always keeping an eye on your infrastructure and ready to take action if a problem arises.


Timely Alerts

Along with system monitoring, 3|SHARE will set up alerts so both your team and ours will be made aware of issues immediately. Quick information leads to quick resolution and the reliability your team and customers need.


Fast fixes

From a quick restart to code fix, when systems are down, the 3|SHARE team dedicated to managing your infrastructure will determine what is needed to get things moving again. We also support scheduled code deployments.


Better decisions

One benefit of a cloud-based infrastructure is the flexibility. With a few clicks server size can increase and new features can be added. But, is the size right? Is the plug-in correct? 3|SHARE's experts stay in the know and can help you make the decisions that fit your needs.


system upgrades

Whether you're running AEM or another CMS, or need other software kept up to date, we will make sure that you are on the latest version flawlessly. And, if you need AEM development resources, our delivery team can help with that too.

By Leveraging 3|SHARE Managed services you will:

  • Ensure you're operating efficiently and cost effectively on AWS, on-prem or with another cloud server provider
  • Improve server uptime and reduce friction caused by unexpected outages or out-of-date software
  • Reduce the total cost of ownership for AEM by moving AEM support costs from variable to fixed, driving incremental value from your AEM investment



3|SHARE was enlisted by Sony Interactive Entertainment to implement an automated deployment system for To some, dealing with a site that gets over 690 million visitors per month would be quite daunting. To 3|SHARE, it was quite thrilling.


“Recently we had a couple of big go-lives that were critical to our business and I don’t think we could have done it without the support of 3|SHARE's ROM team. Their involvement was critical to our success. Thank you for your great work and support!”

Matthew Stokes, IT Director Web Services, Ingersoll Rand