Swinging into Action for San Diego Zoo

No monkey business here - 3|SHARE implemented the core functionality of Adobe Campaign for San Diego Zoo Global. This helped our client establish a solid foundation for future development, enhanced capability, and system integration to better serve their half-million zoological society membership base.

An Elephant Sized Problem:

The bulk of the organization's revenue comes from membership subscriptions. Their goal is to convert these members (via marketing outreach) into proactive donors. Most of these marketing activities have been built using traditional, manual processes, where email campaigns and data analysis are conducted “by hand”.

As the subscription base grew, they began to recognize their need for scalable marketing campaigns to help minimize manual processes. 


Picking a Winning Solution:

After careful consideration, stakeholders selected 3|SHARE as their partner to help implement a fresh instance of Adobe Campaign. Their primary goals were three-fold:

1) Launch a more efficient way to process campaigns

2) Provide a more personalized experience for the user

3) Increase the variety of offer types


SD Zoo Statue

The Final Outcome:

Implementing Adobe Campaign improved their digital marketing automation and analytics tracking - which in turn, allowed our client to increase outbound marketing activities aimed at potential donors. This resulted in a noticeable increase in memberships as well as donor contributions.

In addition, user engagement (email open rates and click-thru-rates) surpassed industry benchmarks by 15.59% and 4.4% respectively, making this a tangible success!