Is this yet another expert AEM service? You betcha.


3|SHARE can also deliver upon your QA needs. If you indeed outsource this phase for your projects, we are the ideal partner. As we provide both AEM deployment and QA, we afford you better synergy and enhanced efficiency. By maintaining one source (us!) for AEM needs, as our partnership progresses and our knowledge builds, you’ll spend less and less time and resources on managing this process.

What QA engagements do we take on?

  • Manual Regression Testing
  • Test Plan
  • Test Scenarios (cases)
  • Traceability Matrix
  • Test Reports (i.e., logs, bugs, metrics, etc.)
  • Automated Functional Testing
  • Same as Manual Regression Testing plus: 
  • Automated Testing Technical
  • Recommendations and Setup Reusable and Maintainable Test-Scripts
  • Performance (Load and Stress) Testing
  • Same as Manual Regression Testing plus:
  • Recommendations on How to Improve Performance

You’re intrigued, you say… so how do we execute QA?


Aligning with the 3|SHARE approach, we leverage intense collaboration at all times. Our ROM folks handle deployment, and as this team is immersed in the client’s needs and goals, expertly handling QA also becomes a seamless initiative. Following deployment, we implement regression testing (both manual and automated) – as your authors add content, this testing can help fix bugs associated with updates, revisions, and new content. And if you just need QA as a standalone service, we’ll happily oblige.

Why is it better to QA with us?


To answer this question in a word: customization. Well, let’s go for two words: comprehensive customization. Ours is not a generic QA that other vendors may provide. We ensure that end users have a flawless experience, AND that authors can easily generate content and updates on the internal front. Actually, we’d like to add another word – savings. Working with our QA team delivers insurance against breaks that cost time and money. When you merge automated deployments with automated regression tests, the outcome is continuous deployment. And that’s, of course, what you strive for.