A major pharmaceutical company needed to increase adoption of their new Workfront practice. 

With 3|SHARE's help, they set out to activate two major workflows for maximum impact to their teams and end users.


When a support request arrives, time to resolution is critical.

In order to help teams prioritize and communicate resolutions quickly, 3|SHARE worked to create robust and optimal workflows in Adobe Workfront letting the teams incorporate them into their daily ways of working while providing efficiency and actionable reporting.


Process expertise and practicality led the way forward.

3|SHARE sought out and incorporated end user feedback into the solution. Existing workflows were misaligned with real-life processes and information was missing from requests, causing delays. With these in order, adoption of Workfront could increase. Agile teams' methodology was in conflict with the Waterfall implementation and needed to be changed to accommodate the users. And ineffective reporting on SLAs made all of this difficult to quantify.


Putting the flow in "workflow"

A once reactive team is now enabled to be proactive. In addition to accurate and timely SLA reporting on performance and delivery, early warning reports allow work to be prioritized by SLA and dependencies adding science to the art.

Workfront boards migrated to the Agile framework allow teams to work as they normally do but still within the overall Waterfall methodology of the organization. Less friction over project delivery methodology means more compliance and an effective management of the work.

With an end user feedback process, no more ignoring what they want and need. Concerns, queries and complains are logged, reviewed and actioned upon improving user experience, time to delivery and Workfront adoption.

“By utilizing the Agile capabilities, Adobe facilitates all project work with [our teams]. We have increased ownership and visibility, reduced quality risk, and saved time to market.”

- U.S. Marketing Lead