A king size development for La Quinta.

At 3|SHARE we’re dedicated, if not obsessed, AEM, Remote Operations Management (ROM) and Amazon Web Services (AWS) experts. When you’re as focused as we are on these technologies, no challenge is left unsolved. Just ask La Quinta. Our relationship began in 2013 with a project involving one architect and one developer and has evolved into a team of more than twenty 3|SHARE experts who help transform the way La Quinta serves their customers through AEM.

We really checked in.

Recently the hotel chain engaged 3|SHARE to move AEM (Desktop Website, Mobile Website, Mobile Apps), Web Services Architecture and Microsoft SQL Server to Amazon Web Services. This migration moved La Quinta from a single datacenter setup to three AWS datacenters (with all applications active on these datacenters). We built their web services to run on tomcat using spring framework, and built all their web services applications.

The goal: be the La Quinta-owned central orchestrator of transactions, such as book a room or search for room availability and pricing, etc. La Quinta uses 3rd party companies for these transactions, but they maintain control of the flow of transactions should they change loyalty programs or booking engines.


Faster than great room service.

Another goal of the project was to set up environments quickly for non-production servers. Here we saved La Quinta months of time. Not days, months. Their previous scenario entailed a single development, quality assurance, user acceptance testing and production environment. But With 5-10 projects moving through the system at any one time, they inevitably collide. In AWS, they now have the ability to set up a new environment, with all the parts and pieces, in 1 day. They can create a project, and a development, quality assurance and user acceptance testing environment for that project then delete when done.


The results were quite friendly.

La Quinta’s performance testing showed a 30% improvement in website and web service transaction performance, and the company has received feedback that the site is noticeably faster. The migration will potentially increase revenue since a faster site results in greater conversion rates. We’re also proud to note that one project, Redeem Away, won an industry award by Hospitality Technology magazine in the 2017 Hotel Visionary Awards for being a "Customer Facing Innovator”.

“We have gone through a major evolution of our customer facing digital technology footprint over the years and 3|SHARE has been instrumental in helping us implement many critical projects designed to help us achieve our business objectives.”

Vivek Shaiva
Chief Information Officer
La Quinta