Connecting Patients to Clinical Trials

A major pharmaceutical company, puts patients at the forefront of business decisions. With the implementation of a new website, the client wanted to make clinical trial and disease information more easily accessible to the people who need it most - the patients. As a result, they launched ForPatients.

A Suboptimal User Experience

Patients and the support team were relying on to get information about clinical trials and diseases. The information, written by medical professionals for themselves was not easy for patients to understand.

The client needed to transform the information into patient-friendly content and make it available in one place.


Engage 3|SHARE and Implement Adobe Experience Cloud

The client asked 3|SHARE to streamline the search process and enable them to provide details in layman terminology to inform patients of clinical trials happening in their area.

We used Adobe Experience Cloud to:

Capture and transform the information found on

Integrate with Google Maps to provide geographically relevant information

Doctor using phone with stethoscope around neck. Photo by National Cancer Institute on Unsplash

Problem solved for patients and content managers

Engaging 3|SHARE to implement Adobe Experience Cloud led to a site that empowers patients to easily find extensive and current clinical trial information, including layman translations to use in conversations with their physicians. Additionally:

- Site traffic has been increasing by 15% monthly  since site launch.
- Content managers are satisfied with the performance of the website and Adobe Experience Cloud Stack.
- The time to create and deploy a new affiliate website is down by 66%.

The pharmaceutical company's patient focus made them a finalist at the 2021 Adobe Experience Maker Awards in The Advocate category.