DIRECTV Hits Play Button on AEM 6.4 Upgrade

DIRECTV is no stranger to how 3|SHARE rolls - after a successful AEM DAM 6.0 implementation in 2014 and an AEM 6.2 upgrade in 2017, 3|SHARE was asked to oversee their transition to AEM 6.4. In classic 3|SHARE fashion, we delivered on time and under budget... allowing DIRECTV Execs to sit back, relax, and kick their feet up with a bowl of popcorn.

Enhancing Security for 18+ Million Subscribers was a Top Priority.

The term "security breach" is a dirty word- especially when you're responsible for protecting the sensitive information of millions of customers. 3|SHARE stepped up to address cross-site scripting by ensuring proper filtration of user-supplied data, and encoding that data to prevent inserted scripts from being sent to end users in an executable format. In addition, we strengthened their password policy and resolved an HTML tag injection issue. Whew. Crisis averted. 


Lights, Camera... ASSETS!

This AEM Assets upgrade to 6.4 was installed in parallel to the existing instance across all environments, thus eliminating any downtime. The upgrade brought a host of new and improved features like more powerful search filters, smart tagging, AI, and additional features for building pages and moving content. 


Polishing the Final Cut

Before we pushed the AEM 6.4 upgrade live, we had a few other tricks up our sleeves. Our developers revamped the user login page to eliminate scrolling, configured different file types upon checkout, and added a new banner/pill on assets less than 30 days old. We then concluded the project with a support and knowledge transfer session. That's a wrap!