Transporting the client to a superior site experience.

ThermoKing, a subsidiary of Ingersoll Rand, is a world leader in transport temperature control. Due to the existence of an issue-laden dealer legacy site, they were effectively leaving their dealers out in the cold.

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Ingersoll Rand/ThermoKing

The Ingersoll Rand/ThermoKing dealer site was several degrees below par.

Created in ASP, dealers were having problems accessing the data that they needed, and menu links meant solely for specific dealer types were accessible by all users. This, of course, created both usability issues and security risks. There was a need for a design overhaul, and the development of a seamless data management and personalization tool. The decision was made to employ Adobe Experience Manager (AEM) 6.1.

Implementing SWIFT - very cool

Implementing SWIFT - very cool.

After taking the temperature of the current situation, they chose to partner with 3|SHARE and leverage our SWIFT methodology for AEM solutions. This enabled rapidity without immense cost, and we illustrated how we can repurpose AEM for this enterprise-level challenge. Via SWIFT, we:

  • Created a new UI and pulled existing web services into a new AEM portal.

  • Used SAML integration to gather dealer information and created AEM pages specific to each dealer role type while mapping role type permissions.

  • Kept the mapping in AEM so the client can make future changes on their own with no code changes required.

SWIFT was, well, swift

SWIFT was, well, swift (great name choice by us, huh?).

We successfully launched the portal site two weeks earlier than planned, and this gave the client chills, we’re proud to say. Overall, all parties involved are thrilled with the project outcome, and positive feedback has been received from dealers who use the site on a daily basis.

"This project resulted in a transformational experience for our customers."

Matt Stokes
IT Director Web Services
Ingersoll Rand