Turning digital asset management into quite the fiesta

Turning digital asset management into quite the fiesta.

The folks at Chipotle roll up countless burritos every year – they’ve certainly got tasty Mexican fast food down to a science. Yet, their digital asset management approach demanded a little spicing up, so to speak.

Consolidate digital assets

Their need was a critical one: Consolidate digital assets from a variety of disparate locations in a short period of time.

They chose Adobe Experience Manager (AEM) Assets for their DAM Solution. A wise choice, indeed. Yet there were a few essential implementation requirements: a consistent brand experience, rapid deployment, fees that didn’t force the company to sell $10 tacos to pay for it, and the ability to quickly share collateral and assets with outside vendors.

Enter, our SWIFT methodology

Enter, our SWIFT methodology.

It’s not just a stroke of luck, let alone a coincidence, that this is exactly what SWIFT delivers. It’s a distinctive approach that provides a cost-certainty framework – with hundreds of implementations under our belt, this highly honed methodology has saved the day time after time. The SWIFT set of tools affords clients comprehensive training so they can hit the ground running, creating an unrivaled level of AEM comfort, companywide. This is high speed action. Wrapped in a low-risk package.

For Chipotle, SWIFT was savory

For Chipotle, SWIFT was savory.

We launched a branded portal amid training sessions so content creators could immediately begin migrating assets and see them in a shared environment. SWIFT delivered:

A branded experience for partners while giving Chipotle full control over the theme of their Asset Portal.

A comprehensive metadata taxonomy to expand their search capabilities.

Essential content approval workflows so Chipotle administrators could build their own approval steps into the process without additional cost.

In our client’s own words: “We had a great experience with 3|SHARE. They were incredibly patient and understanding and took the time to understand our business and goals.”