Playing Digital Assets hide-n-seek isn’t fun.

With AEM Assets. Look no further.

Perhaps you have thousands of photos, several logo versions, a video library, or other valuable branded assets. Yet, you have to scour everything but the kitchen sink (you’ll probably look there as well) to find something you’re looking for. AEM Assets is an easy, intuitive digital asset management system that saves tons of time and migraine headaches.

Cover your assets.

(we just hit our one-pun- per-website quota)

With 3|SHARE as your ally, you'll be able to easily categorize, manage, and distribute valuable branded content. Unless you enjoy having stuff all over the place and fielding annoying phone calls, leverage 3|SHARE’s expertise to facilitate your AEM Assets initiative.


SWIFT quickly brings it together.

SWIFT for Assets delivers everything you need in an AEM digital assets implementation in 10 weeks or less. That means, if you do the math, all your content will be buttoned up, streamlined, and ready to efficiently manage in 2 months (which may equal the time it took you to find that one image you were searching for).