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Hard To Find Assets?...(or, if you prefer: ¯\_(ツ)_/¯)


Are your Digital Assets Everywhere and Nowhere.  Are your assets in so many company and partner locations that everyone is like, “Screw it, let’s just make it again"? 


Enter Assets. Assets is a digital asset management system within Adobe Experience Manager that helps you create, manage and deliver images, video and other content to any screen or device. Assets not only show up to the is the party.


If Adobe makes it all seem so simple, that’s because it is...if you select the right partner. With as many reps as 3|SHARE has had on Assets you can't go wrong.


3|SHARE has a solid portfolio of Assets services like Training, Consulting, and Remote Operations Management allows us to quickly implement Assets.  You'll be able to easily categorize, manage, and distribute valuable branded content, and avoid the “throw your laptop through a glass window” moments that you may have with your current solution.

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    SWIFT for Assets delivers everything you need in an AEM Assets implementation in 8 weeks or less. 


    Through a combination of automation and hands-on consulting, SWIFT delivers  common use-cases,  advanced functionality typical across all industries, and key elements critical to our client's unique needs.


    DAM...that is amazing!


IT'S OK...



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    CASE STUDY - Leading Direct Broadcast Satellite TV-Service Provider Who Will Remain Nameless

    Leading Direct Broadcast Satellite TV-Service Provider Who Will Remain Nameless So Don’t Ask is the Recipient of a Baller Digital Asset Management Platform using Adobe Experience Manager from 3|SHARE.


    The happy, fine, nice-smelling folks at 3|SHARE -- you know, the Adobe Experience Manager (AEM) experts, trusted partner for Adobe’s top Digital Marketing customers, and eater of cookies, did the damn thing and implemented a top notch AEM-based Digital Asset Management for our client, a top satellite TV company whose name cannot be spoken, so shhh.

Behind Every Great Company is Another That Rhymes With “We Care.”

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