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Ever-nuanced, 3|SHARE offers a variety of training options for Adobe Experience Manager (AEM) because Versatility is the middle name on our birth certificate. A few companies offer similar training, of course, but it will take more of a toll on your wallet - especially if your wallet is made of Velcro and not durable Italian leather. They focus more on the overall product itself, which means that individual details of each product feature are sadly neglected like they’re yellow jellybeans. Us? We focus more on project training. We dissect every detail of the stuff that’s going to be important to run AEM. And, we provide the training at the customer’s site.


In preparation for our deployment of AEM at SAP/Successfactors, we trained their developers while blasting the Van Halen station on our Pandora account. We then created a custom author training process that showed content authors how to create and manage the content in their new system. We turned off Van Halen for that. 


AEM & DAM Project Training - Administrator

Duration: 3 Days (On-site/Off-site)

Classroom Size: 12


With the AEM System Administrator training program, we focus on teaching how to install, configure, maintain, and troubleshoot AEMin the context of a working project as opposed to just, “Here’s how you do it. Good luck!” (Hops in a car, leaves.) Aside from learning just the basic concepts of the AEM architecture, participants get a full understanding of how to integrate AEM in a production level environment, and perhaps a nice pat on the back if everything goes smoothly. Since we’re detail-oriented, participants also receive an overview of the AEM files and directory structure in addition to instructions on how to find important log-files and adjust the logging configuration, because we like sharing secrets. I had a pet rock once. See? Moving on, the training doesn’t stop there. Participants will also be informed as to how AEM can be run within alternative webapp servers and how third party apps can be integrated as virtual repositories using JCR connectors. Don’t know what that means? Well, come to training! It’s a combination of lectures, presentations, hands-on exercises, laughs, loves and bro-hugs.


AEM & DAM Project Training - Developer

Duration: 4 Days (On-site/Off-site)

Classroom Size: 12


It’s nice to create something, isn’t it? That’s what the AEM developer training process believes anyway. It teaches developers the fundamentals that go into building a custom AEM system based on templates and components, but again, in the context of a working project so you’ll be quick to react when the time comes. Boom. The training includes practice with such esteemed AEM development techniques as developing templates and authorizing environments, dynamic image rendering, navigation and modularization. If you come out of the training saying, “I don’t think we learned modularization,” you would be wrong. In sum, this class includes in-depth lectures, presentations, discussions, hands-on exercises, funny stories, new friends and oatmeal raisin cookies (if you bring them. That would be great. Thanks).


AEM 5.6 & DAM Project Training - Author

Duration: 1 Day (On-site/Off-site)

Classroom Size: 12


This course teaches AEM features, functionality and authoring skills based on a standard project environment. This includes a hands-on introduction to AEM’s dynamic publishing, the roles and responsibilities of a content author and the best way to work with AEM’s content management features. This training enables students to create new web pages based on different types of templates, to update and modify content on a AEM based website and to use some of the additional functionalities such as Workflow and Forms.


Custom Training


Of course, 3|SHARE would also be thrilled to build a custom training program for your particular needs. We all have needs, and we’d like to meet yours. Please call us at +1 (888) 505-1625 to discuss a customized training solution or just for some friendly conversation. 



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    To the surprise of exactly no one, it was 3|SHARE, experts at all things AEM, did ASICS right by implementing a world-class Adobe Experience Manager- based DAM to support their rapid growth.

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