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3|SHARE provides Consulting Services for the Adobe Digital Marketing Suite and the integration of products within the suite because we love life and want you to love it too. The iterative approach 3|SHARE takes to successfully deploy Adobe Products, both in a stand-alone and integrated architecture, is unmatched.


3|SHARE’s  delivery methodology features our experienced, Adobified consultants (“Adobified” being an Old English term meaning “experts in all things Adobe”) collaborating closely with clients through each phase of the deployment.


AEM your way.  That's how we like it.  In fact, we like it so much we keep on doing it over and over...and over...and get it.  


Join Nike, SAP, Time Warner Cable, and other HUGE  players by allowing 3|SHARE to handle your AEM heavy lifting.





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    Industry:  High Tech

    Products: Adobe Experience Manager - Sites, Assets & Apps

    3|SHARE Services:  Training, Consulting, & ROM for AEM


    3|SHARE, who you may know as those ridiculously sweet Adobe Experience Manager (AEM) experts, or as a trusted partner for Adobe’s top Digital Marketing customers, or as that company who has collectively watched the newest ‘Star Wars’ trailer 400 times, bestowed upon Splunk’s web presence a new AEM that will propel them into the 21st century...and beyyoonnndddd!

Behind Every Great Company is Another That Rhymes With “We Care.”

An Adobe AdobeBusiness Level Solutions Partner

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