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SWIFT for Assets delivers everything you need in an AEM Assets implementa on in 10-12 weeks.

Schedule a SWIFT Workout and receive an assessment for your SWIFT for Assets deployment. This is your team's first  step to a successful Adobe Experience Manager Assets implementation, and hero status bragging rights for you. 




Schedule a SWIFT Workout

What's included in SWIFT for Assets

Custom Configuration

Assets Share Configuration
Assets Search Configuration
SMTP/Email Configuration
User/Group Setup
AEM Asset: Author Features
Assets Taxonomy
DAM Update Asset Workflow
Asset Metadata
Migration Strategy

Project Roles

  • Managing Partner
  • Project Manager /
    Business Analyst
  • Technical Architect
  • Senior Developer

Project Timeline

10-12 Weeks
Requirements and Design 2 weeks
Sprint 0 2 weeks
Sprint 1 2 weeks
Sprint 2 2 weeks - 10 weeks Implementation
Sprint 3 2 weeks - 12 weeks Implementation
UAT 1-2 weeks
Launch 1 week
Post Launch 1 week
See what's included in SWIFT for Sites or Mobile deployments. 

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