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Why choose 3|SHARE as your implementation partner-in-crime? A fair question, yet one easily answered by the following facts:


1)   3|SHARE is unquestionably the top thought leader in the Adobe Digital Marketing community. We all have thoughts - 3|SHARE just has better ones.

2)  3|SHARE employs the largest number of dedicated Adobe architects and developers in North America. Can’t argue with the numbers, folks.

3)  3|SHARE’s experience in DAM development and customization, in addition to integration into the AEM stack, is impeccable. Nothing like an impressive résumé.

4)  3|SHARE is solely focused on the Adobe Digital Marketing Suite. No other focus.

5)  3|SHARE is on the Adobe Partner Advisory Board as an established and respected leader. 

6)  3|SHARE is a Business Plus Level Solution Partner, as if we needed more respect around the biz.

7)  This years AEM Community Summit, known as EVOLVE ’14 (, is hosted by 3|SHARE. Make yourself at home. There are cookies and coffee.

8)  3|SHARE has A+ internal support mechanisms and continuous improvement programs. The world constantly changes, so why shouldn’t 3|SHARE?

9)  Consultants for 3|SHARE are handpicked not just on technical skills, but also on the ability to communicate those skills with regular people. We’ve got the brains and the charm, people. Look out.

10)  3|SHARE can be referenced across 100% of our customer base. We touch everything, like a kid at a zoo.


It goes without saying that we deliver on time and on budget, but we’ll say it anyway.


Actually, we just did. 

3 | Share

We work hard

For our


  • Training

    Ever-nuanced, 3|SHARE offers a variety of training options for Adobe Experience Manager (AEM) because Versatility is the middle name on our birth certificate.  A few companies offer similar training, of course, but it will take more of a toll on your wallet - especially if your wallet is made of Velcro and not durable Italian leather.  They focuse more on the overall product itself, which means that individual details of each product feature are sadly neglected like they’re yellow jellybeans.  Us?   We focus more on project training.  We dissect every detail of the stuff that’s going to be important to run AEM.  And, we provide the training at the customer’s site.  More

  • Consulting

    3|SHARE provides Consulting Services for both the Adobe Digital Marketing Suite and integration of products within the suite because we love life and want you to love it too.  The iterative approach 3|SHARE takes to successfully deploy Adobe Products,  both in a stand-alone and integrated architecture,  is unmatched.  More

  • Remote Operations Management

    ROM or Remote Operations Management is all you need when it comes to post launch care and feeding after you’ve made the commitment to implement AEM, DAM or Campaign.  Highly skilled ROM specialists utilize skill and our Swiss Army knife-like technology to monitor,  remediate and fully administrate your environment to a 99.999% uptime SLA.  Our expertise also offers advanced support services and technical leadership.  Sound complicated?  Not to us, we’re experts.  More

Behind Every Great Company is Another That Rhymes With “We Care.”

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